Hi, I’m Teo — Welcome.

About Me

I am Teofil Todorovic, a French/Serbian student in Game Design. I currently live in Lyon and study at Bellecour Ecole.

My vision in inspired by the work of many video game developpers  and a lot of different games, mainly adventure and narrative games such as Alan Wake, Heavy Rain, Life is Strange or Bioshock.


In addition to my formation as a Game Designer I focus my skills in Level Design and in 3D modeling.


Besides video game I also studied and worked a lot in the Cinema realm, that gave me a good  technical knowledge.


I am looking forward for a first experience in the gaming industry as a QA Tester, Level Designer or 3D Modelers anywhere in the world.

Unity 5 0

Unreal Engine 4 0

Substance Painter 0

3DS Max 0

Photoshop 0

Sketch Up 0